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Logo BETJIK DJOJOOur 75 years of experience and reputation have generated industrial accolades. Anything that we can perceive from BETJIK DJOJO regarding its profesionalism and expertise is its long jpurney of nurturing, developing and innovating from the very beginning. The 75 years of tremendeous experience have now established a sound reputation for the company to generate indutrial accolades.


Valued by our experience, BETJIK DJOJO charted a course of a national growth in the early 1960's we have come along the way since our inception, to arrive at what we have accomplished today. And we have witnessed the upturns, as well as the downturns in the industry. Our long valuable experience has equipped us with anticipation to changes and proactive responsive with effective solutions. We are more agile and responsive to the changing needs of our stakeholders and embrace learning oppurtunities at every corner. Now BETJIK DJOJO has grown into leading and trusted Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) supplier and has successfully served a growing demand of its customers nationwide.

Growing with experience


Betjik Djojo BuildingThe Company was established in the early 1930s and its started its business in tobacco and gasoline industry. In 1969, the Company started its LPG industry, covering the area of distribution for East Java. In the early 1980s, the business expanded into petrochemical industry and gas equipments supplies including gas piping installation for LPG and Natural Gas.

Furtheremore, for the LPG distribution we cover from cylinder for domestic use to bulk distribution for industrial use. We also provide LPG equipments for lease or sale such as LPG tank, LPG pump or compressor and other LPG accessories.


Our service ini LPG distribution has been recognized by Pertamina. Mutual relationship between management and customers has sustained our growth in this industry.

strong technical support and great engineer skill are our desirable qualities to meet customer needs

Today, our piping installation projects include piping in ceramic manufacturer, mechanical contractor, and so forth. We are capable to fabricate Gas Metering Regulating station based on customer's specific demands. For special application such as CNG filling station and Gas Turbine engine for power plant, in which the user only requires Gas Metering Station, we provide a higher pressure service design and a higher testing standard prior to bring them on service.

In addition, our after sales service also provides regulator reconditioning, gas turbine meter reconditioning and electronic volume corrector reconditioning.

To serve the industries better we organized our business units into our associated companies as follow:


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