Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG)

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XPVXPV systems are self contained units that provide a natural gas compatible mixture of propane and air or LPG vapor and air. These systems are supplied with a dry electric vaporizer and a venturi mixer. An accumulator tank enables the venturi to cycle on and off to meet the required load allowing 100% turndown. Operation is quiet, reliable and safe.

XPV compact LPG-air mixing systems are available in various propane and LPG models providing gas/air mixtures from 2.5 - 28 million BTU/Hr at pressures from 5-12 PSIG atmospherically or 13-40 PSIG with the addition of compressed air. A liquid pump, such as the Algas-SDI STABILAIRE may be required to provide sufficient gas pressure for the mixing process.

  • Compact unit incorporates XP electric vaporizer, venturi mixer, and surge tank for ease of installation and operation.
  • Explosion-Proof design allows the unit to be placed directly adjacent to the propane supply tank.
  • System provides 100% turndown capability and is available in mixed gas delivery pressures of 5, 8, and 12 PSIG. Up to 40 PSIG available with the addition of compressed air.
  • Venturi silencer promotes quiet operation
  • Perfect for confined space applications and those requiring additional security - schools, bakeries, general industry - these systems are explosion proof and take up very little space.
  • Ready to operate in 1 minute from a cold start
  • Systems up to 12 psig discharge pressure do not require compressed air
  • Can be used with LPG -- discharge pressures vary. Contact factory for more information.
  • ASME constructed surge tank with "U" stamp
  • FM Approved
  • Available in most voltage configurations


  • 5 - 28 MMBTU/hr

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