Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG)

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QMThe Algas-SDI QM natural gas replacement system is a combination gas fired waterbath LPG vaporizer and atmospheric venturi LPG/air mixer. All QM models feature an Eclipse Combustion ThermAir forced draft burner and Algas-SDI optimized venturi mixers. Operation of these units has been proven in -40 F climates. PLC controls with an easy to use operator interface are provided in a temperature controlled enclosure to ensure long-term reliable operation. A "Smart-Start" cold start feature automatically senses and controls the inlet propane pressure to make sure only vapor is fed to the burner until the bath is warm enough for full vaporization. When the bath has reached operating temperature an output is switched by the PLC that turns on the LPG pump (STABILAIRE). A maintenance program tracks the hours used, venturi cycles, and burner cycles to allow the user to schedule service accordingly. Flow totalization is also provided for convenience.

  • XPMIntegrated unit comprised of an XP electric vaporizer and matching venturi mixer.
  • This unit is similar to the XPV system but does not include an integrated surge tank, thus permitting connection to a locally supplied surge tank.
  • The vaporizing section transforms incoming liquid LPG to the vapor phase, while the venturi assembly mixes the vapor LPG with atmospheric air to produce a natural gas compatible air/gas mixture
  • Systems available for use with commercial grade propane and propane/butane mixtures (LPG)
  • FM Approved


  • 2.5 - 14 MMBTU/hr

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DFVDFV propane-air mixing systems from Algas-SDI are self contained units providing a mixture of LP-gas vapor and air which can replace natural gas. These compact systems are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2.5 - 42 million BTU/Hr at delivery pressures from 5 to 12 psig atmospherically and 13-40 PSIG with compressed air. DFV systems use the Algas-SDI Direct Fired vaporizers and the Algas-SDI atmospheric venturi system packaged together with an ASME constructed accumulator tank. The gas is mixed with air in the venturi and stored in the accumulator tank to provide uninterrupted flow of mixed gas from full flow to zero flow, automatically.

XPVXPV systems are self contained units that provide a natural gas compatible mixture of propane and air or LPG vapor and air. These systems are supplied with a dry electric vaporizer and a venturi mixer. An accumulator tank enables the venturi to cycle on and off to meet the required load allowing 100% turndown. Operation is quiet, reliable and safe.

XPV compact LPG-air mixing systems are available in various propane and LPG models providing gas/air mixtures from 2.5 - 28 million BTU/Hr at pressures from 5-12 PSIG atmospherically or 13-40 PSIG with the addition of compressed air. A liquid pump, such as the Algas-SDI STABILAIRE may be required to provide sufficient gas pressure for the mixing process.

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