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Torrexx™ - Single Core Electric VaporizerTorrexx defines the insdutrial standard for dry electric LPG and NH3 vaporizers. A robust 135amp rated contactor prpvides power to the heating elements. The modular temperature controller allows easy maintenance or replacement. In the event of a "high loquid level occurence", our proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ valve prevents liquid LPG from passing dwonstream of the vaporizer. The valve provides visual indocation of activation. This allows easy troubleshooting and assures the end-user the device is functioning properly.

The standard Torrexx is a single core, dry, electric vaporizer. No start/stop switches are used. When power applied, the vaporizer is ON and ready for operation within seconds!

Heating elements are cast "in-situ" in the aluminum core. Two thermocouples housed in a common sheath directly control normal operation and provide over-temperature protection. Operational set-points are factory set, however, field adjustment can be performed.

Fusible link installed in the Control System Housing provide additional over-temperature protection.

Ideally Suited for :

  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Office GenSets
  • Factories

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