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Second Sun™ - Flameless Catalytic Tank HeaterSecond Sun's typical application involves maintaining tank pressure, or equilibrium pressure, as vapor is extracted. Consequently, the unit's 'ON' cycles is activated based on storage tank pressure. As vapor is consumed or the ambient temperature drops, tank pressure is reduced. Second Sun is activated 'ON' when tank pressure falls below approximately 50 PSOG (3.45 barg); Second Sun returns to standby when pressure is restored to 60 PSIG (4.14 barg).

Second Sun requires no AC electricity! Startup energy for the catalytic reaction (12VDC) is typically provides using "jumper cables" from a vehicle battery. After startup, sufficient voltage to operate the gas security valve is 'self-generated' by the employing a physical phenomenon known as thermoelectric effect. This technique provides direct conversion of temperature differential to electric voltage.

Second Sun™ - Flameless Catalytic Tank HeaterThe heater is comprised of an integrated "pilot" and "main" heater. The pilot heater starts the catalyzing process; the main heater provides operational heat. It could not be simpler!

Two temperature switches integrated to the Second Sun monitor the surface temperature of the storage tank at two different elevations. The temperature switch in the higher elevation position terminates gas flow to the main burner if tripped. If tripped, the heater returns to standby or 'pilot' mode. The lower positioned switch, when tripped, causes Second Sun to completely shut OFF. Manual restart is required. As well, if the pilot heater temperature drops below the temperature necessary to catalyze the fuel, the Second Sun completely shuts OFF. Again, manual restart is required.

Ideally Suited for :

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Ag Market
  • Small Factories

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