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HX Series - Hydrexx™ Indirect Heated VaporizerHydrexx is a compact indirect heated vaporizer. The heat source can be excess hot water from a process or from a dedicated hydronic boiler (remote or packaged from factory). Hydrexx can also accept saturated process steam as the heating medium.

Hydrexx is corrosion resistant! The heating medium (e.q hot water or steam) flows inside stainless steel tubes encased by aluminum shell. The oricess fluid (e.q propane, butane or LPG) is admitted on the shell side and extracts the heat from stainless steel tubes. Our proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ valve prevents liquid LPG from passing downstream of the vaporizer. And in the event of a 'high liquid level' occurrence, the Liqui-SAFE™ valve provides visual indication of activation.

HX Series vs HXB Series

HXB Series - Hydrexx Indirect Heated VaporizerThe "free standing" Hydrexx HX Series is limited in supply scope to the heat exchanger, Liqui-SAFE™ valve and relief valve. All other appurtenances must be sourced locally or requested as options from Algas-SDI. A generalized installation is shown in the diagram.

The Hydrexx HXB Series is a base-plate mounted package with an integral dedicated hydronic boiler installed at the factory. The HXB Series is pre-piped, pre-wired and ready for installation. The LPG vapor fired hydronic boiler provided with HXB Series heats the water to desired prest temperature. The water is contained within a closed loop system and circulated by an integral pump. Hydronic boilers are efficient, economical and a proven solution for industrial application worldwide.

Ideally Suited for :

  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Office Buildings
  • Small Factories
  • Mines Excavation

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