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Algas DF Series VaporizersBy Design, DF Series direct fired vaporizers apply heat directly to a pressure vessel containing liquid LPG. The heating process induces vaporization, while consuming a small amount off the vapor generated. DF Series vaporizers ensure a continuous vapor supply to your application.

Algas-SDI vaporizers are built tough. A rugged heavy gauge metal enclosure with powder coat applied over zinc plating protects against harsh environments. The stainless steel exhaust flue and stainless steel tubing eliminate corrosion and extend service life. The stainless steel tubing also minimizes potential clogging of the vaporizer's temperature controller and burner orifices.

Access to the vaporizer internals is provided via a "latch-less' reliable door panel. The design allows easy removal of the burner if required. Our domed exhaust top combined with unique flue collar design, prevents water rain infiltration to the burner. Algas-SDI provides an automatic 9VDC re-ignitor as standard. When service requires replacement of the re-ignitor, spade connectors make the field change simple. Removal of the 9VDC battery allows the end user to disable the re-ignitor.

Ideally Suited for :

  • Agriculture/Orchards
  • Animal Confinement
  • Crop Drying
  • Construction heating

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