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Zimmer™ - LPG VaporizerZimmer is comprised of an electrically heated aluminum heat exchanger, packaged within an aesthetically pleasing, UV protective thermoplastic resin enclosure. The entire vaporizer assembly weighs approximately 65 lbs (30 kg) and is fully self-contained. To say Zimmer is easy to use is an understatement.

End users benefit from Zimmer's minimal space requirements and flexible mounting configurations. Typical applications include commercial kitchens, small light industrial loads, mobile requirements and high-end residential users. With Zimmer, your LPG tank will provide consistent trouble free vapor supply, day-in and day-out.

Zimmer-Filt™ - Coalescing FilterZim-Filt™ traps 'heavy end' hydrocarbons and other substances present in LPG vapor.

Zim-Filt™ removes these contaminants at an efficiency rate of 99.99% for 0.001 micron particles and droplets. The filter continuously removes liquids without loss of efficiency or flow capacity.

Torrexx™ - Single Core Electric VaporizerTorrexx defines the insdutrial standard for dry electric LPG and NH3 vaporizers. A robust 135amp rated contactor prpvides power to the heating elements. The modular temperature controller allows easy maintenance or replacement. In the event of a "high loquid level occurence", our proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ valve prevents liquid LPG from passing dwonstream of the vaporizer. The valve provides visual indocation of activation. This allows easy troubleshooting and assures the end-user the device is functioning properly.

Second Sun™ - Flameless Catalytic Tank HeaterSecond Sun's typical application involves maintaining tank pressure, or equilibrium pressure, as vapor is extracted. Consequently, the unit's 'ON' cycles is activated based on storage tank pressure. As vapor is consumed or the ambient temperature drops, tank pressure is reduced. Second Sun is activated 'ON' when tank pressure falls below approximately 50 PSOG (3.45 barg); Second Sun returns to standby when pressure is restored to 60 PSIG (4.14 barg).

Second Sun requires no AC electricity! Startup energy for the catalytic reaction (12VDC) is typically provides using "jumper cables" from a vehicle battery. After startup, sufficient voltage to operate the gas security valve is 'self-generated' by the employing a physical phenomenon known as thermoelectric effect. This technique provides direct conversion of temperature differential to electric voltage.

HX Series - Hydrexx™ Indirect Heated VaporizerHydrexx is a compact indirect heated vaporizer. The heat source can be excess hot water from a process or from a dedicated hydronic boiler (remote or packaged from factory). Hydrexx can also accept saturated process steam as the heating medium.

Hydrexx is corrosion resistant! The heating medium (e.q hot water or steam) flows inside stainless steel tubes encased by aluminum shell. The oricess fluid (e.q propane, butane or LPG) is admitted on the shell side and extracts the heat from stainless steel tubes. Our proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ valve prevents liquid LPG from passing downstream of the vaporizer. And in the event of a 'high liquid level' occurrence, the Liqui-SAFE™ valve provides visual indication of activation.

Algas DF Series VaporizersBy Design, DF Series direct fired vaporizers apply heat directly to a pressure vessel containing liquid LPG. The heating process induces vaporization, while consuming a small amount off the vapor generated. DF Series vaporizers ensure a continuous vapor supply to your application.

Algas-SDI vaporizers are built tough. A rugged heavy gauge metal enclosure with powder coat applied over zinc plating protects against harsh environments. The stainless steel exhaust flue and stainless steel tubing eliminate corrosion and extend service life. The stainless steel tubing also minimizes potential clogging of the vaporizer's temperature controller and burner orifices.

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