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Electronic accessories manufactured by COMMON S.A. designed for data reading and transmission, and for monitoring gas parameters coming from data loggers and volume correctors are presented in this flyer.

The accessories are divided into three groups of devices depending on the designation and the way of supply of the devices being read.

  1. Stationary devices supplied from mains - CZAK-02 Two-Channel Converter, CBS-02 Signalling Barrier with power pack. These devices enable to read and transmit continuously data, and monitor gas parameters. They are designed for stationary installation in instrumentation cabinets, boiler houses, and control rooms.
  2. Stationary device supplied from accumulators and solar batteries - CAKGSM-02 Battery Converter. This device enables to read and transmit data by means of GSM, GPRS connections in places where electric power supply is not available. lt is designed for stationary installation in instrumentation cabinets.
  3. Portable devices for data reading - CAK-02 Battery Converter, COG-02 Opto-eye transmission interface. They enable to read data locally from data loggers and volume correctors to laptop or palmtop type computers.

CBS-02 Signalling Barrier
CBS-02The CBS-02 Signalling Barrier is the best solution for customers, who want to be protected against the ordered power exceeding and want to have possibility of monitoring the gas consumption parameters. The device is designed for co-operation with the CMK-02 Volume Corrector and the CRI-02 Data Logger. The device assures:

  • Intrinsic safety - it constitutes the barrier between the devices operating in explosion hazard zones and the non intrinsically safe devices.
  • Direct optical and acoustic signalling of alarms set in the CMK-02 or the CRI-02 (i.e. alarm protecting against the ordered power exceeding).
  • Communication of the devices in RSGAZ2 standard (CMK-02, CRI-02) with the non intrinsically safe devices. lt incorporates the RSGAZ2/RS232 communication port enabling connection to the data transmission system, monitoring through the modem or direct connection to a PC computer.
  • Supply of the device being read.

The CBS-02 Signalling Barrier is supplied from 230 V mains (by means of the external power pack 230/12V).

CZAK-02 Two-Channel Signal Converter with power pack
CZAK-02The CZAK-02 Two-Channel Converter with power pack is designed for:

  • Communication of the devices in RSGAZ2 standard (CMK-02, CRI-02) with the non intrinsically safe devices - it incorporates two independent communication ports with galvanic isolation RSGAZ2/RS232 that enable the devices to be connected to the data transmission system, to monitor through a modem, or to be directly connected to a PC computer.
  • Supply the individual or parallel-connected devices being read (3xCMK-02 or 6xCRI-02).

The data transmission speed range is from 1200 up to 115200 bauds. The CZAK-02 converter is supplied from 230V mains.

CAKGSM-02 Converter
CAKGSM-02The main task of the CAKGSM-02 Converter is conversion of communication signals from CMK-02 Volume Correctors or CRI-02 Data Loggers to signals recognized by GSM (GPRS) modems. It is also an interface when supplying the CMK-02 Volume Corrector (or the CRI-02 Data Logger) and the GSM (GPRS) modem. The needed power is taken from the external 12V supply source. Most often it is an accumulator in the set with the solar battery. It is designed for installation in instrumentation cabinets.

The CAKGSM-02 Converter is available in two versions:
- IP54, casing made of plastics, for installation on flat surfaces
- lP20, casing made of plastics, for installation on the DIN rail

CAK-02 Battery Signal Converter
CAK-02The CAK-02 Battery Signal Converter is an all-purpose portable device that enables to send data from CMK-02 Volume Correctors and CRI-02 Data Loggers to a PC computer, laptop or palmtop. The data transmission speed is set automatically. The CAK-02 Converter also supplies the devices being read.
It is equipped with a rechargeable internal accumulator that assures approx. 30 h of continuous operation (after fully charging). The set of connecting cables and the power supply pack is delivered together with the converter.

COG-02 Opto-eye transmission interface
COG-02The COG-02 optical transmission interface is a portable device that enables to send data from devices equipped with the OPTO-GAZ connection (CMK-02 Volume Corrector, CRI-02 Data Logger) to a portable PC computer. It consists of three elements connected with the cable: optical head, intrinsically safe barrier, and DB9 plug. Version with USB connection is also available. The transmission speed 2400-38400 bauds is set automatically. During the data transmission performed by means of the COG-02 the reading device is the source of power supply.

Gas Flowmeter

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