Gas Flowmeter

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CGZW Single Chamber Orifice Flowmeter with Removable Orifice Plate

CGSWThe CGZW Orifice Flowmeters are designed for volume measurement of flowing gas, and may be used for the following purposes:

  • custody transfer measurements of flowing gas,
  • flow measurements in transmission and distribution gas pipelines,
  • control measurements of flowing gas

The operating principle is based on the pressure drop caused by a contraction. Basing on the differential pressure of the flow the gas volume may be determined.

The CGZW Flowmeters are manufactured as single chamber fittings with removable orifice plate, and appropriate meter tubes. The fitting construction enables to access the orifice plate easily and quickly for inspection and replacement. lt is not necessary to disassemble and spread flanges. One of characteristic features of the CGZW Flowmeters is easy control of leakages around the orifice plate.

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Gas Flowmeter

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